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Rgc Pro Blank Sceen - Xbox One And Ps4



I purchased a RGC Pro for my son for Chirstmas. When I intially set it up, I was able to successfully capture the Xbox One. Now when trying to capture the Xbox or the PS4, I get either a blank screen on both the laptop and the TV or a No signal detected on the TV, despite hearing the sounds. Specifically, I have video and audio right up until I actually start the capture part of the software and then use video. If I then shut down the capture program I get video back on the TV. I have reinstalled the software as described in other posts. Additionally, as seen in the screen shot the RGC shows up in the sound, video, and game controllers and there are no devices listed under other. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. All connections are HDMI besides the USB to the laptop. Interestingly, when I went to delete some icons I got an Admin prompt (his is a limited account) and after closing the prompt I got video on both the TV and the software for a second or two.


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Reboot the Xbox and double check its' settings to make sure it is set for Record AND to make sure it is set for a Fixed Output and not Auto.


Try it.


Then check your Downloads to see if you have the RoxioGameCaptuerHDPROServicePack2.0.exe. If so, remove the RGC device then run it and let it check for updates.


Reboot and give it a try. ;)

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