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John Yuelkenbeck

Blu-Ray Menu/exit Buttons Not Working


I'm using Toast 15.1. I have the "Pro" version, but as far as I can tell, that's just Toast 15 Titanium along with some other add-ons like Slice, DVD Themes, etc. and there is no actual "Pro" Toast software.


I have a very basic wedding video with two movies: a ceremony divided into chapters and a music video. I've created both a standard DVD and a Blu-Ray version. On the Blu-Ray if I'm playing the ceremony video, there is no way to return to the menu while playing it. The Menu button doesn't function (on one player, it says "not available," on another, it just does nothing). The "return back" button is also nonfunctional. If I hit the stop button but then go back to the Blu-Ray, it just picks up where it left off. The only way to escape the first video is to skip to the final chapter, the hit fast forward until it reaches the end. Obviously, that's not an acceptable work-around.


The standard DVD version doesn't have this problem.


I need to finish up this project and get it to the happy couple. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks.

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