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Questions Before Purchase...



looking to purchase the easy VHS to DVD for mac. i've tried vidbox for mac with two different packages, and both were unsuccessful for capturing, even with tech support. didn't recognize the data and froze with a jaggy still image of the video. here are my computer and video device specs:


mac OS 10.10.6

canon zr10 camcorder with mini DV tapes and RCA connections. also has an s-video output port, but i don't have an s-video cable, but could purchase if needed.


see attached photos of the ports on my camcorder as well as the cable.


in your opinion, should this product work with my mac and camcorder? will i need an s-video cable? just a bit hesitant since two vidboxes didn't work... and i have over 50 mini DVs that i'm hoping to import. i assume it's compatible with iTunes? the only manual i could find online was for windows, so not sure if it's pretty much the same. i'm not looking for editing software - already have all that... just a way to get the video off the mini DVs and into the computer.


thanks for any advice or tips.



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the composite cable that your diagram shows works when i connect the camcorder to the tv, just not with the vidbox, and i'm wondering if it would work with the roxio product... just tried an s-video cable and same thing happened. the image initially shows up on the computer via the software, then when i hit record, it either freezes immediately on the video within the software, or it attempts to record a jaggy video and i get an error message within the first 10 seconds saying recording failed because no data was received which is odd because i can see it on my computer, so it's coming in, just not able to record. the video in the camcorder is fine, and i've tried different tapes as well as viewing it on the TV. so i'm suspecting it's something with how the video is getting translated from the camcorder to the computer? but not sure what to do... hoping the roxio product doesn't have the same kinds of issues?

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