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Dvd Burn Says Progress 100% Complete But No Content On Dvd Disc



Hi ... I recently purchased Easy CD and DVD as it was compatible with Windows 10. I'm attempting to burn a standard def DVD that can be played on both computers and DVD players.


I have an mpeg file rendered. I've selected "Create DVD" then selected DVD (not VCD). I've selected Standard Play for the quality. I add the video and select burn to dis from file menu - software recognizes drive and I select 4X speed. Click burn and it goes through the process of:


Open Project

Encode Movies (I can even see the video scrubbing through as it encodes)

Encode Menus

Record Menus


Overall progress 100%


I click OK but nothing has happened. I don't hear the DVD burner in operation and the disc is empty when I check it. Am I missing something?


I have no problem creating a data DVD with this software - but that's not what I want or need.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You are carrying out two separate processes here - the encoding of your DVD, followed by burning it to disc. It's impossible to tell from what you've reported, just where the fault has struck. You may not have got as far as starting the burn to disc, or you may have almost finished it and an error writing the 'Table of Contents' has left the disc looking empty.


Would you please try separating these two operations to see what is and isn't working?


Easiest way to do that is to set up your DVD, and then click the red 'Burn' button as usual. However this time when the 'Burn Project' box appears,



-uncheck the Burn to disc' checkbox and check the 'Save disc image file' checkbox

-click the Burn button at the bottom.


This will create your menus and prepare the DVD as usual, but will make an ISO image file instead of burning to plastic.

If the creation of that image file is successful, you can then go to Burn Disc Image to burn the ISO to a DVD.





Would you please try this and let us know how you get on. I usually burn my DVDs this way because I can see better what's happening and I'm not trying to make the computer do it all at once. Also, if I want a second copy of the DVD I don't have to go through the encoding stage again - I can just burn the disc image to plastic once more.





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Hi. Followed the steps outlined above and that seemed to solve the issue. Took a couple of attempts as I would get an encoding error when writing the menus. A computer restart solved that.


Not a big issue as I don't need to burn DVD's that often.


Thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated.

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