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Matt Caz

Toast 15 Fails To Burn Large Br To Image Error 108


Every time I try and burn a large BluRay to a BR disc image, It quits about 60% though with a -108 memory error. I fail to undertstand this because my mac has 32gb of ram and the hard drive where it's going to write has over 300GB available. I have about 22gb of free RAM.


Can anyone tell me why it fails and why Roxio always seem to have this problem? A google search shows this memory error all the way back into the early 2000's.


Thank you for your time,



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UPDATE: Looks like it was a bad m2ts file that was causing the issue. TT 15 still burns as slow as molasses. I just burned a 15gb disc image with Toast LT and it burned at between 6-8X where with TT15 its lucky to get above 1 or 2x.

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