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How To Save A Project In Nxt5



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If you are working on a NXT 5 slideshow project then dmss is the correct extension for the project file.


I believe rox files are data project files and have nothing to do with slideshow or video projects. I think that the rox extension is not even used anymore and has been replaced by the rcl extension for data projects.

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Another "Trap for young players", I'm afraid. It's another Roxio foible - not your fault.


From the Home (Main Menu) application, if you click File > Open Saved Project you get to look for data projects (.ROX and .ROXIO). It seems there is no way to open a saved Slideshow project from the Main Menu, even if you have the Photo sub-menu open.




Perhaps the Slideshow Assistant was overlooked when they were programming the Home app, or maybe it was an afterthought? In any event I can't see any way to open a saved slideshow project either from within the Slideshow Assistant itself, or from the Home app.


What you have to do is go and locate the saved .DMSS file and then double-click on it. That should open Slideshow Assistant with your project running in it.


Very confusing, but not your fault.




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