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How To Stop Continuous Play, This Feature Is Unchecked!



my first post. Run MAC OS Sierra 10.12.1

Toast 14 Titanium. 14.1

Problem #1 I can for the life of me not make a DVD that does not auto repeat. Yes I know about the settings, play continuously is unchecked.

Problem #2 after I updated the OS from Yosemite to Sierra, Toast suggested I update to 14.2 Big mistake caused all kinds of problems so back to 14.1

How in the world can I make a DVD that does not auto repeat...??

Thanks you smart people out there.

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This would happen if you set “No Menus” as the Menu Style. After playing your movie, a DVD-Video would normally return to the menu. But as there is none, it will return to start from the beginning. Auto-play and Continuous Play are both automatically used when there is no menu. This is how Toast works.

Note that you could give any menu a “basic” look, by changing the background to solid black (Customize > Menus > Background color).


(The DVD standard does allow for an Exit command at the end of playing a clip, but this is not implemented in Toast. You could edit a Toast-generated VIDEO_TS folder, but that is pretty low level altering.)

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