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Toast Titanium 15 Burn Speed Sucks!

Matt Caz


So I've been using Toast since way back when it was the best burn program around and I've always been happy with it... until the last few years. I've stayed with Toast and I've paid the upgrade fees and now I'm at TT15. It constantly crashes, and when burning a disk it will sometimes create coasters.


Now I have found that even if I save a disc image file and then burn that, it can't ever get above 1-2X and this is on a 12x drive with 6x BDR's. I just got a new drive and it came with Toast LT so I figured , WTH, I'll try burning the image file with this. It was burning between 6x and 8x and just ran great. Pretty bad when their free product has 2-3x performance increase over their $100 product.


Hey Corel... how about you fix these issues with TT15 so we can actually get what we paid for!


Matt Caswell :angry:



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Here's the answer from Corel Support and it works. I'm burning at full speed now: I am posting the process below. Some of the files listed weren't on my Mac running Sierra.


I understand that you are having an issue with the software. Let me go ahead and help you. Please follow the troubleshooting steps provided below.

open the Finder
Go to the Menu Bar and open the "Go" menu.
Select the entry: "Go to Folder..."
Enter the path of the Preferences Folder:
Trash the following files:
Roxio Toast Prefs"
"empty the trash bin and reboot the Mac"

Aside from deleting the plist and Prefs files under the hidden Library/Preferences folder, you also need to delete other files/folders from these locations:
Hidden Library sub-folders:
-Preferences > plist and Prefs files
-Application support > Roxio folder
-Caches > Com.roxio.toast
-Saved application state > com.corel.toastxxx.savedstate, com.roxio.toastxxx.savedstate
-Services > Toastit.service

Shortcut to bringing up the hidden Library folder (so you don’t need to use the Go To Folder search tool) is to open a Finder window, press and hold down the “Option” key on the Mac keyboard, then click Go > Library on the taskbar at the top of the screen. Notice that if you release the “Option” key, the “Library” item on the Go menu disappears. Pressing the Option key again makes the Library item re-appear.

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