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I Am Struggling Creating A Dvd From Photos In The Movie Editor



I just purchased easyCD & DVD burning this week. I am trying to create a DVD from photos. I would like the DVD to have 3 "sections" of photos: Baby pics; Teen Years; Grown up pics. I want the photos to "transition" differently (and have a song associated) with each section. I have tried to create slideshows. This does not allow me to pic photos to transition differently. (all dissolve, all 2X2, whatever). I have tried creating a movie. No matter how I do this, I cannot get the "Edit Movie" on the menu screen to highlight. I am assuming I am not creating this correctly (I have tried creating a movie, and adding slideshows. When I do this, each slideshow plays separately, rather than automatically transitioning from each section to the next). I have tried to import all photos, and then create chapters. Neither of these gives me the "edit movie" functionality. Help?

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Unfortunately the Red Box is a cut down version of the full Suite and it lacks the VideoWave Editor that you need to do that.


You have 30 days to return it to Roxio or if you bought it somewhere else whatever their policy is.


Most of us aren't warm and fuzzy with NXT 5 (current). The MyDVD in it, as well as NXT 4 is a hollow shell of all the past versions. Creator 2012 & NXT through NXT 3 would be your best bet.


My personal advice about your project is that it is too ambitious to be appreciated. Short dissolves or wipes are good for transitions and mixing in all the different ones becomes annoying after a few... A low constituent background music score is better than a bunch of tunes. I know I have seen/heard some that were really catchy but I honestly can't remember any at the moment... too fleeting for the amount of work put into it ;)

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