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A Weird Bug I Have With Roxio


so, im recording GAMING COMPUTER with another RECORDING COMPUTER so i have two computers running and this is my setup.




for the box "hdmi to vga with sound" i use this product


i have two of those.


so my bug goes like this:

everything works FINE recording goes well but when i turn off my computers the product above doesn't send sound to my headphones anymore.

so what i do is replace this product with another one i have and everything works again. But when i turn off computer again the sound again dead and i have to take the first product and replace between them.


any idea why it happens?! please help.

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Last Dec 03/16 you said that you had this set up with the 2 Computers,2 Headsets and working fine.


So...... it was working ok (even when you turned off your computers) and now you have your sound problem....is this correct?.


Also, can you still record the video even though you have no sound on your headsets?.

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