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Adding Files To Dvd



I am coming from using Toast. I designed a perfect workflow for us. We use Compressor to encode the MPEG and audio files, so I could disable Toast encoding. Then we add the original Data files using the UDF Rom folder and BURN. Perfect DVD that works for us.



I am trying to do the same process on a PC with Easy DVD or I guess MyDVD. I can only find an option to add photos, and not other files, like the original MP4 files. And I can not find were to disable the encoding step.


I found this post with a multi-step process...




There must be an easier way I am missing.



Please assist!

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You posted in 'Red Box' forums and it sounds like you have the 'Red Box' version (Easy CD and DVD Burning) so we will move in that direction...


The Red Box is a cut down version of the Creator Suites. Of the cuts is a full version of MyDVD!


In the Red Box the version of MyDVD will only accept Standard Definition video files and no MP4 files. Look at the list above the highlighted line for file types but keep in mind they must also be SD quality.




The Topic which you posted the Link to is based on a full Creator Suite and is aimed users who want to add Data Folders to a DVD Movie project disc.Your post does not indicate that this is what you want to do.


If I guessed right about all of this, you face rethinking... If you need to do HD or do not want to convert your HD clips or MP4 clips down to an acceptable format you need to return the product and get one that will!


One of the best replacements is the older Roxio Easy Creator 2012 Pro, pay close attention to the name if you are shopping on Ebay!

Roxio NXT 3 Pro is the second runner up :lol: Also out of production and while not certified to run under Win 10, both seem to work without any issues. These 2 will not only accept MP4 and HD source files, they both have a full fledged Editor as well as a full power version of MyDVD! (the more recent NXT 4 & 5 have a very poor version of MyDVD :( )


On the other hand, If you don't mind converting your source files to SD and accepted formats, Any Video Converter if free and does a nice job. And your output will be limited to a DVD Movie, then stick with the Red Box ;)


More questions or need clarification, just ask!

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I do need to add a data folder. That data folder will have the original MP4 files I have converted to MPEG2-DVD for authoring and burning.


The point is to make the video for the customer in SD-DVD but also give them the original HD-MP4 files on one disc.


I don't think my company will be willing to purchase from eBay. Do you know if NXT most recent version can do this?



Thank you!!!

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Yes if can be done just like the Link you listed.

Convert the MP4 files to MPG that MyDVD can use.

Burn to a Folder Set.

Add the Folder to Burn Data Disc.

Add your Data Folder.

Burn (4.7 or 8.5 disc)

The only other thing is to Convert the files to MPG.

Using AVC - HERE
(just watch their download options - lots of default junkware in there)

I am changing the Output Size to DVD:


(note that I shortened the originals and am only converting the 'segments' - white checkmark at left side)

Here making the change to Movie - DVD:


And the result is a file suitable for the Red Box MyDVD:


You should rename these to what you want to see in the DVD Menu ;)

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Yes if can be done just like the Link you listed.


Thank you for your time and effort! Your help is invaluable.


We have invested in TotalCode Studio to convert the MP4 to MPEG2-DVD format. After much testing, we found this program gave us the best time.


Speaking of using another program to encode. In Toast, there was a way to disable the encoding and only use Toast to MUX the files together into one nice neat package. Is there is a way of turning off the encoding step when using MyDVD to MUX before opening Copy DVD to burn?


I am just trying to eliminate as many steps as possible to speed up the process and prevent human error.

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