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Create Dvds Doesn't Run



any dvd or video function in my NXT4 would not run so I downloaded

revo as recommended in another thread and uninstalled the programs. then I re-installed.

now I still can not get Create DVDs to run. " My DVD starts, gives me the 3 formats,

I get it to go as far as selecting DVD and then it gives me

"an unknown error has occurred and the application will shut down now; Exception: The network path was not found."

any suggestions how to proceed now?

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Does everything else in there work OK? In particular does VideoWave (edit video - advanced)


First thing I would try it to run through the clean install process again.


Make sure you have Anti Virus off as well as any Registry Checker.

If you didn't before, allow it to check for updates during the install. (if not, do it this time)

Turn on the AV (lose the reg checker) and reboot.

Also check to see if any recent Windows update were installed between when it worked and when it failed. (Control Panel - Windows Updates - Update History)

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used moderate selection, let program choose, did not edit. error messages across ther board. I'm not very c literate. obviously just enough to get into trouble.

repaired printer working,

it effected word (visual basic environment could not be initialized)

outlook: zipsend initialize failed. ? feature turned off? exel one of your object libraries is missing/damaged

word suite is biggy to reinstall/repair.


back to "My DVD" any clue as to the "network path not found" issue

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