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K Sansbury

Jpegs Unreadable When Supplied On A Dvd With Win 10 Shows Audio Files

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Hi I have a client who cannot open jpeg/tiff images supplied on a dvd on their pc's running windows 10!

when they put the disc in it shows it as a audio file and tries to play track one!!


I have a old win 7 laptop and the discs are readable.


any ideas?


Thanks in advance.



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You posted in the General area which is OK. It doesn't have to be Roxio/Corel related.


My first guess is that your client has screwed up the default program for the jpg and/or tiff (Image) files. Have the client check that setting. Since the client may not be fully aware of the setting, suggest he ask "Cortana" for the word default and then select "Default Programs and make the default to whatever he uses for viewing photos or one of the ones that pop up.


Let us know if that solved the problem.

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