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Burn High Def Audio Dvd From Flac?



I just downloaded an album in FLAC format. It's high def audio (24bit/96khz), and the file size total is 1.2gb.


Is there a way to burn this onto DVD so that it'll play at higher definition in my blu-ray player?


If I burn an audio disc with Toast, it reduces the file size total to 301 mb, presumably reducing the audio resolution. And if I choose Video, it reduces it to 96 mb and puts pauses between tracks.


Any suggestions?








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- The CD-DA specification does not allow for 24bit 96kHz audio.

- The DVD-Video specification does allow for 24bit 96kHz audio (LPCM) officially. Some players may downsample the audio on playback, though.

- The DVD-Audio specification does allow for 24bit 96kHz audio (LPCM). Toast is not able to create such discs. The format has been described as "extinct" by 2007, so set top player compatibility is difficult.

- The Blu-ray specification does allow for 24bit 96kHz audio (LPCM/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio).

- Some DVD and Blu-ray players may play various kinds of audio files in Data mode, possibly including 24bit 96kHz audio, possibly including FLAC. This is not a standard requirement and may vary per brand and model.


The key with Toast is to Customize the Encoding with Audio format: PCM, which then allows you to set 96 kHz, 24-bit, stereo. (5.1 Surround gets converted to stereo for PCM by Toast, unfortunately.)

The Audio tab has a Music DVD option, which may simplify the disc production.


I don’t know about the pauses between tracks. Not sure if that can be avoided without creating an all-in-one track before authoring.

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