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Prospective Buyer...fading...overlaying



Hello Easy people...


I - and your grandfather - still use Adaptec EZ CD version 5.


But I want to advance into the 21st century (and junk my old raggedy XP desktop that allows me to run EZ CD).


There are a couple of features that I MUST have...and I am not confident that the newest version of Roxio CD has them.


One is the ability to listen to any applied fades/overlay transitions between tracks before I burn.


Some of my transitions have to have EXACT precision, so I want to hear the transition (speakers or headphones) so that I can make any necessary adjustments before I burn through a spindle of CDs.


Is this an available feature in the newest version of the software?


And just from going through the Roxio website I'm not sure which software package I should be interested in.


I just do audio...don't need video functionality or anything else.


What do you folks think?






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I doubt that Roxio's "Record Now" will give you what you need but it will be the best program from Roxio/Corel for music. Unfortunately, there is no free trial but you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase.


Take a look at "Goldwave"(link) I have used it to do a lot with editing music files and it gives you a lot of options. There is a free trial. That program, however does not allow you to burn to any media. There are programs that will allow you to burn including Windows Media Player (free and probably on that new computer).

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Thank you Jim_Hardin and Sknis...


Unfortunately Windows Media Player doesn't output to CDA format...which is what I'm doing.


The description of the newest Roxio Easy CD says that I CAN do fades and overlays...but it's not specific whether I can monitor/preview the results BEFORE I burn.


I didn't know about the 30-day money back thing...but I suspect it's a whole lot easier to GIVE money away than it is to get it back! (hee-hee)


But I may try it...thanks.

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Unfortunately Windows Media Player doesn't output to CDA format...which is what I'm doing.



CDA files contain no music, it only points to where the music is located on the CD.

To work with music tracks on your CD you need first to convert them to .WAV, .MP3 or another file format that computers understand. That's what a CD ripper does and that's why you must use a ripper before you can work with your music files on a computer. Simple as that.

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Yes...I already convert whatever I have to WAV files for editing purposes (I have an editor I like) and then go to Adaptec's EZ version 5 to build my 'playlist' and add transition effects (such as fades and overlays). Within that playlist 'build' function I can listen to the fades/overlays...then re-apply the effects if needed...then that same function does the actual burn.


I was just leaving out all the in-between stuff so I didn't bore you.

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I don't know if this will help, the uninformed answering questions about which he knows nothing :P


There are two programs in audio that will give what you want or part of it (I think)


There is the very simple Burn Audio CD app that will allow you to arrange order and set the pre-gap times. It will then burn a valid Audio CD.




More to your liking might be Create Music Disc Projects. This allows you to create several projects types and gives you an editor.




And will allow you to set the Transition type as well as the time and how it will work:





I don't really do audio but you might want to look around a bit to make sure this will do what you need ;)

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Hey Jim_Hardin...


I paid my money and took my chance on your suggestion.....and......


...it works perfectly!


Admittedly the new version is clunkier than the old Adaptec software...but that's because it has more features and tries to do a bunch more stuff.


But I was able to rip tracks from a CD...convert mp3's that I had already accumulated (into WAV), edit them for volume and garbage I didn't want and apply my precious fades/gaps/overlays.


And I had to look in the HELP files only twice!


That's intuitive - at MY house, anyway.


If YOU can figure something out on your own, then it's intuitive to YOU. If I can't figure it out it's NOT intuitive to me.


I still haven't beaten the label creator into submission yet but an old forum post recommended SureThing for labels/inserts so I'm checking that out.


The only thing I haven't tried is recording from vinyl, but even if I'm defeated there I have other software for that purpose.


Thanks to the forum-ites...tremendous help.

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Hello WJ,


Before you go spending more money, what is it that the Label Creator won't do for you?

Which Operating System are you using?


If you have any favorite ECDC 5 jwl files, you might want to hang on to them.











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Brendon -


I'm running Win7 Home Premium.


I print only the back cover of a CD case (the song list).


The software I just bought appears to have only 1 template for that, and based on the print preview that template is not wide enough to keep longer titles/artists from wrapping to the next line.


I want title/artist/track time on 1 line.


I just spent a few minutes experimenting and doesn't seem that I can increase the size of that template.


ECDC 5 had quite a few canned templates (as your screen shot shows) and I used the CD Stomper template.


I haven't investigated whether I can go to the Roxio website - or someplace else - and download additional templates.

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After my previous comment I spent some more time with the editor...and I think I got it.


I convinced it to print everything for each track on one line....but right now I'm embarrassed to report that I don't know what I did to get it to do that. Big help, huh?


I'll try to re-trace my footsteps on that.


I haven't cut out a label - but it does appear to fit nicely in a standard CD case.


I need to get rid of the 'CD AUDIO R' logo it wants to print on the insert...that's my next assignment.


You folks may drag me to the finish line yet!



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I've got the ECDC 5 label creator running in Windows 10 (above), so it should also run in Windows 7 Home Premium. I can show you how, if you want.


I think I also have Easy CD & DVD Burning running in Windows 7 somewhere. Removing the logo is quite easy in this software, I think. (unlike ECDC 5)

I'll fire it up to refresh my memory and come back soon to tell you how.






Edit: Yes, it was as I remember it. You have to use the Roxio Label Creator (Create Labels - Advanced) since the other wee thing is over-simplified.

Then right-click on the unwanted logo, and click Del to hide it.


Anything else? (grin)

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