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Capture Quality



I am considering buying Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus simply to digitize/capture 8mm and miniDV tapes onto my Windows 10 laptop for preservation and storage. Burning them to DVD is a secondary concern, though I'm sure I'll do it down the road. I would have done this with Firewire, but my new-ish laptop does not have a Firewire port. When I capture the video with this product, will it be lossless (i.e., no degradation of video quality)? Or will there be some compression? Since these will be my "master" storage copies, I want the captures to be as high-quality as possible (given that the original is far from HD) and also in a format that will be easily editable down the road. Also, will this only work for analog video, or can I digitize DV as well?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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For now you will want to output to "Computer" so you create a file you can view and it would be wise to make copies of these files in a separate place in case your HD fails ;)


The capture will be lossless, although everything loses a tiny bit with captured and a tiny bit more when rendered...


However if you do your part it won't be anything you can see.


EVD 3 always captures in mpg at High Quality.


Output Quality is the result of the Resolution and the rendering Bit Rate. YOU can control the these:




Set to Highest


As mpeg


Pay attention to what you are doing and you will get the best results you can.


Always do test samples before you commit large amounts of time to processing.

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Makes no difference. Capture is at HQ and cannot be changed.


However, if your tape quality is not good, nothing in the world will make it better :(


You are only starting with:


VHS quality:(SP assumed)

VHS = 333 X 480 (335 X 576 PAL )

Hi8 & Super VHS and LaserDisc = 560 X 480

(these are equivalent values as they were true analog)

If you chose LP, EP or SLP it will be worse.

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The video I capture looks pretty good onscreen considering the age of the VHS tape. However, when I save it to my HD the quality is severely diminished. I am saving in high quality. Any suggestions?


Could you explain what you mean by watching it "on screen" on what screen?


You are using 'Record, Import, Edit'?


When you play the captured video on your hard drive using Windows Media Player it looks bad?


How does the VHS look on a TV?

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