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Pal To Ntsc Region Conversion



I recently attempted to use Toast 15 to covert a PAL video file to NTSC. I seem to remember that in an older version of Toast, when this was tried, Toast would give you alert asking if you really wanted to do this. However in Toast 15, I did not receive an alert. Toast just output the video file matching the source (PAL) even though I had selected NTSC in the preferences. Does Toast no longer do this type of conversion? (I found nothing about it in the manual).


If Toast does not do this type of conversion, are there any recommendations on software that does?


Any help would be appreciated!



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Thanks Digital Guru in Ontario! That link helped!


What I discovered is that if I drag the Video_TS folder into the Toast window, the output was the same as the original (PAL). There was no warnings or alerts.

However, when I dragged the VOB files as a set to the Toast window, I was alerted to confirm whether I wanted to keep the PAL framerate or Convert to NTSC.


Just what I wanted! :-)

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