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Blu Ray Disk Only Plays The First Movie From Fcp-X



Toast 11. five or something more than zero, is used to burn Blu Ray disks in an external LG burner. My iMAC 2011 27 inch is used with FCP-X to edit and join clips. Exported master files, MOV, either h.264 or pro res 422 are used. If a stack of MOVs is put into Toast, and a menu selected, encoding occurs and takes a long time to accomplish. The disk will only play the first file. The other files show in menu icons, but will not play.

I used to be able to do this. I have Blu Ray disks that I made that play many movie files from menu icons.

I cannot use files edited in FCP anymore to burn more than one movie or file per disk.


This used to work.

Thanks for help.


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A Panasonic Blu Ray disc player is used with a big tv, 60i. It is a stand alone player. Maybe a new model is called for. But my burner and software haven't changed. Toast 15 is on the shelf in Best Buy. ? Toast encoded all the files before burning.

Thanks for answering.

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