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Cannot Burn Dvd With Cd & Dvd Burning, Windows 8.1



I am using windows 8.1(recently updated from vista) . Never had problem burning DVD previously but the version of Roxio I had not compatible with 8.1. I purchased Roxio easy CD & DVD burning which is compatible.. I cannot burn a DVD and keep getting the error Sense: 04 ASC 44 ASCQ: D9 (command 2.4) Px.dll: I have tried various repairs ref tech inquiry number Ticket #4081850 but to no avail, anyone have any ideas.

I have reinstalled program, tried different disc's , tried slower speed setting etc.


Any help much appreciated



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That error is the drive itself...


Either it has failed - think light bulb, it was fine yesterday.


Or the driver has gotten corrupted.


Before running out and buying a drive, I would go into Device Manager (Win-Pause, upper left corner) Highlight the drive then right click and uninstall it. Close out and shutdown and restart the computer.


As Windows starts I will notice the drive and install the driver for it.


Try that and let us know ;)

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That error, Sense: 04, ASC: 44, ASQ: D9 is a hardware error "Internal Target Failure" reported by your drive back to the computer. The names of your drivers (PX.dll etc) are normally reported after the error number for your convenience, but are not themselves the cause of the error.


Do an Internet search for Internal Target Failure and you'll see the sources are pretty vague on what causes it and how to fix it.

Some people report success by getting better quality blank discs, others have had an improvement by cleaning the lens in the drive. Your burner is relatively old so might benefit from a lens clean, but as I said it's all pretty vague.


If Jim's suggestion of reinstalling the Windows driver doesn't help, I would suggest you check if your old drive is being disabled by the different conditions and timings being imposed by the changed software (Windows 8 and/or Roxio). It's easy to check.

-Prepare your DVD as before, but "burn" it to an ISO image instead of a disc

-Burn that ISO to disc with another software such as the free, small, and safe Imgburn (from here)


If the ISO can't be burned with Imgburn your old drive may be incompatible with Windows 8. If it burns without error you have a solution.




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