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Questions About Roxio Secure Burn


Is there a way to use Secure burn, or NXT 4 pro, to burn a password protected cd that doesn't have all the extraneous stuff on the disc? I only want to have the encrypted file shown in the file explorer when the disc is selected, and not all the extra crap that shows up when you normally burn the cd with secure burn (ie the autorun stuff, multiple other folders, icon files, etc). The issue is that I am trying to create a password protected CD with a file on it for foreign customers, and if the autorun feature is blocked by a corporate IT policy, the only way to see the file is to open the file explorer for the disc, and then sort through all the other files and folders that are put on the CD automatically in order to find the SecureBurnReader.exe file. When dealing with customers that do not speak English, or do not speak it well, it is difficult to try and explain to them how to find the file in order to view it.

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Okay... but how do you propose to decrypt the file without the SecureBurnReader.exe file? Something has to decrypt the file, and since SecureBurn encrypted it, you need the reader file to decrypt it. The password isn't any good without the application to use it, it's not something built into Windows File Explorer. Sure, you could create a disc with just the encrypted file (I see an obvious two step approach) but that's what your customer will have, an encrypted file with no way to decrypt it.


Let me know if I'm missing something.

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