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Need To Move Creator 6 Photosuite To Windows 10 Computer

Rob G.

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I have been using Creator 6 for many years on my xp computer. I now need to move my albums from photo suite to a new computer (windows 10) and realized that the program in not compatible. Is there anyway to upgrade the program and import or transfer my albums ?


Also, what program would you recommend to upgrade to, as I am only interested in restoring the albums as I now use Photoshop elements as my photo management program.


Thank You in advance for your help.

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I am having difficulty locating where on my computer the albums are stored, is there a way to find out this location?


Rob Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 is at least fifteen or more years old! It was the first and Roxios worst attempt at a DVD burning Software.


You said you need to move your albums, like you've been watching and using them?



Enhance photos, create slideshows, stitch multiple photos to create
panoramas, and easily share your projects on Facebook and Google


So if you made slide shows and that is what your calling albums they are on you PC and you need to find them and tell me what is the file extension?

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