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Broken Camcorder



Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a device that an 8mm camcorder film can record onto a computer as my very out of date camcorder has had it's day,

I'm using a new Roxio Easy to VHS to DVD3 which was recommended to me from curry's.


thank you, Chester

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Ebay has 8mm players and vcrs that will play back video to a computer


Not to take you to task on this, but I have yet to see any Player that will "play back video to a computer"???


To do that would require a Digital output on the Player as well as some sort of Digital input on the PC... While Firewire (1394) would meet that on the PC it is rare to find these days, hence the Analog to Digital converters like Roxio's to bridge that gap.


If you have an alternative to that, please bring me up to speed -_-

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