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Old Digital Video Cassette Recordings



I used to capture my video recordings on my old computer via a firewire port. without this port on my laptop Have I any hope of capturing them now that I have invested in NXT5. My camcorder is equally old but very reliable. It is a JVC GR-D230EK. You may have gathered there has been a break in my recording activities but would like to retrieve some of my earlier recordings as well as making new ones.

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Not sure what type of hardware you have in your laptop but in NXT5 under "Video and Movies" there is an option to

"Capture video". Also another option "Video, Copy and Convert". Have you tried either of these options ?


Using Copy and Convert, you should be able to capture it for your NXT5 programing.


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From what I read (LINK), your camcorder has both S-Video as well as Composite and Firewire. - it also has USB but that is only for still picture transfer.




Assuming you cannot make use of Firewire these days, then S-Video would the next best choice and lastly Composite (yellow RCA plug)


S-Video has no audio so make sure you also have the White & Red RCA cables for audio connected too.


Then you need an Analogue to Digital converter to hook up to your PC. The Roxio software is a little finiky about what it will accept. Almost all of the AverMedia cards/devices WILL NOT work with Roxio!


But Roxio has the VHS to DVD Converter ($60) which includes a capture device. Actually the NXT 5 software will work with it right out of the box. But the V2D software has one feature that NXT 5 does not and that is the ability to Split a project over 2 DVD discs.


A DVD disc (4.7GB) holds 1 hour of HQ DVD Movie. Unfortunately NXT 5 will not allow you to set quality and anytime the project exceeds 1 hour it will degrade the quality without warning to make it fit :wacko:


So that is what you have to make a choice from ;)

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