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Creating Audio Cd Using Roxio Creator 2011



Let me start be saying I'm new to this forum, however I've used Roxio software for a very long time, in fact I used this software back as far as late 90's early 2000 when it was known as "Adaptec" and I believe "Sonic" as well...though the later seemed brief in my memory and I could be mistaken.


Anyway, I digress. I have just resumed using the software after a hiatus due to reason beyond my control and I won't bore anyone by elaborating. I've recently created several music discs via the "create music disc projects" feature of my Creator 2011 software, however, I don't seem to see the "create disc image file" option which I believe used to exist and was responsible for insuring the disc info would be stored on the disc when burning.


Thus, when the disc is placed in a player ( I've tried several including windows media player) none of the disc information is displayed, i.e. disc title, track title, artist info, etc. This was never the case previously. All disc's I used to burn had this info displayed and if I recall, it was by way of the disc image file.


Please correct me if I'm wrong. Any insight into this dilemma is greatly appreciated. I'm creating these discs for an old friend and this info is very important. I feel the disc is incomplete without this info.




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In Music Disc Creator, to save a disc image, click on Export > Burn and check Save disc image file,




To select the type of disc image, click on Browse, and then in the 'Save As' box use the 'Save as type' pull-down.


The available image types are BIN/CUE and C2D, since audio CDs can't be saved as ISOs.






To include CD-Text, run Music Disc Creator and then go to File > Settings and check the 'Add CD-Text' box









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Thank you to both of you cdanteek and Brendon. I have always checked the box to save the disc image file in the burn setup window following the burn selection, although I'm not sure if the disc image files is presently being saved as an incorrect extension as Brendon had illustrated to save as a (*.CUE) extension, however, I will give it a try later today and post my results.


Just an additional thought I had following my initial question. The disc image file doesn't need to be saved prior to the actual burn process does it? I mean I believe it is created during the burn process and in the actual sequence of events is created prior to the actual burn, but it shouldn't require two separate steps on the users part correct? I don't recall ever doing this before in any event...perhaps very early on with the Adaptec software, but that was years ago!


Thanks again to you both.




macmarkus :)

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