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Hours To Burn A Data Dvd?



I"ve been burning a bunch of mpeg clips to a data DVD. It's been about two hours and it's just now starting to verify. Is there something I can do about this? It just started doing this. I did these discs before to send to someone else, now I"m burning my own backup. It seems like it was maybe a half hour or so, maybe 45, not sure because I was doing other things, but it darn sure wasn't taking 2-3 hours.

I don't want any encoding. Just data DVD straight. It should just burn them right to disc.

This is unacceptably slow to be part of a workflow.

Suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

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1/ A single layer DVD disc should take ~55 minutes at 1x speed (1,385,000 bytes per second). Modern discs may be rated at 16x (or even 24x), and that rating should also be the optimal speed, if the drive can perform at that speed, cutting burning time to under 6 minutes. It may vary a bit, as the data rate is not really constant during the burn.

Q: What burn speed did you have set? Did you notice Toast reporting the current speed and/or time remaining?


2/ See if it is the drive or the software. Try creating a disc image file first, so that everything is together in one file, ready for burning. Use another burning app, or the Finder’s burn capability, and record the time that. If others also take a very long time, then it may be the optical drive. It may be dirty or the mechanics don’t work like they used to, or otherwise just failing. But you’ll have to test that.

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