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Mac Data Dvd Written On Toast Is Recognised As Audio In Windows

Photo Pete


I've searched far and wide for an answer to this issue - Hope someone can help on this forum..


I've been burning photograph files to DVD's as 'Data' on my Mac for clients for many years but recently a new client with Windows OS are inserting my disks and only seeing an audio file...


I use Toast Titanium pro 11 on an iMac running elCapitan 10.11.6 and burn on Verbatim 43533 DVD-R 4.7GB 16x Printable


Most of my previous clients have Windows OS 7 to 10 and have no issues reading my data DVD disks yet i tried one of my own Data DVD's in a new PC (win10) at home and the same happened to me - it was only recognised as an audio file.


I don't know anything about windows OS.. is there something that I can tell my new client to change on their computer to be able to read my Data DVD's? or is something else going on?


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Does Win10 think it is an audio disc, or is there an actual playable audio track on there? Or a data disc with an audio file? Anything you recognise as a local audio file to your setup?


What kind of Data disc did you burn? “Mac & PC” / “UDF” / “ISO 9660” / “Custom Hybrid” / “Photo Disc”, etc.?


Note that the “Mac & PC” option has checkboxes to make the visibility/availability of certain files optional or either Mac or PC. So it is easy to make a disc that shows an audio file on Windows, but different files on Mac OS. Not saying that happened with you, but it is possible to get in that situation.


[With CDs, you could actually fabricate an Mixed Mode Audio CD or Enhanced CD, where one of the tracks was data and the rest audio tracks. But that doesn’t apply to DVD. And the effect was reverse: computers would see the data, and cd players would see the music.]

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