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Disc Size Increasing?



I downloaded MyDvd tonight and I'm having a weird issue with the size on disc. I'm trying to work with a few 100 MB files, but when I add any of them to the project, the size on the disc increases by 1 GB or more. Naturally, because the size of a DVD is 4.7 GB, the program won't allow me to burn the disc, even though the files I'm putting on the disc should really total <1 GB. Has anyone resolved this issue before?

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This depends largely on the type of source files you're using. DVDs are written with MPG video because that's required by the DVD standard, but many of the video clips around are compressed to take up less space when stored on a hard drive. For example, a movie which occupies a whole DVD can be compressed into an AVI file which takes only one sixth of the space, but still has quite decent video quality.


The problem arises when you use that AVI file as a source in MyDVD to be part of the content of a DVD you're making. It is automatically converted back into MPG and goes back to its original size, and takes up the whole DVD leaving no room for anything else.


To cope with this "popcorn" effect of clips expanding back to their original size it's easiest to remember that as a rule of thumb, a standard single layer 4.3GB DVD (roughly 4,700,000,000 bytes) will take about 1 hour of video when written by MyDVD. If you restrict the total time of your video clips to about an hour, they should fit on your DVD.


Hope this helps. Please feel free to come back with any questions my explanation might have generated or failed to answer.





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Thank you for the help, by using MPG files I was able to add more videos to the project. However, I've now encountered a different, similar issue where if I add a video but then remove it from the project, the space it was taking on the disc persists, so I need to restart my project every time I incorrectly add a video. Any advice for me regarding this?

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