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Rearrange Clips

Wendy B


Is it possible to "rearrange" my video clips prior to burning to DVD or is it necessary to record them in the chronological order that I want as a final product? If I have to record them in the desired chronological order, I will have lost 8 hours of working on this project! I've found no option of moving clips up or down in the sequence. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Edit: Through trial and error I finally figured out that I can right click on each clip and move into the desired sequence.

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Well they have be separate clips then in Export tab you can drag the clips up or down to put them into the order you like.


To make multiple clips from one clip and rearrange the sequence requires importing the same clip multiple times then using the trim feature to create the 'clip' you want for each part.


It isn't hard but it is a bit tedious :lol:

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