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(Ps4) Is It Possible To Record Both In-Game Chat And Your Mic?


Hello, I am considering getting the Game Capture HD Pro. But just have one question.


1. The software that PS4 offers alone does not record in-game chat, does this product let me do that?

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It is Not a yes/no answer...


That post was using specific proprietary software to do it with specific hardware.


It comes down to this, the RGC Device & Software record anything that goes into the device.


If chat in the PS4 is added to the hdmi signal then it will be heard/recorded.


If it isn't part of the hdmi signal you cannot record what isn't there -_- In that case you need a spliter at the PS4 for your audio output so that you can add it the RGC device using the RCA white/red audio input jacks ;)

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