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How To Setup The Video Buttons



I am using Toast Titanium pro 15 and want to make video button but it’s displaying 1 video button before showing the other page on the menu bar. How can I get rid of the first button. I just want to have 6-7 chapters straight on the menu when I insert the disc. I just want to access the second window directly.

Thanks in advance.

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The main menu is where the viewer selects the main movie/clip/title/feature, even if there is just one. The chapter menu is a sub-menu for jumping points into the movie at certain points (by time).

You can have a chapter menu as first-play (when you insert a disc), but Toast can’t do that. That has to be done outside of Toast, with a third party tool, like MyDVDEdit.


MyDVDEdit is a DVD-based spec editor designed to allow you to edit your previously built DVDs, a tool which allows you to understand and even to modify the content of a DVD, at the deepest level.


Set up your DVD. Save as disc image. Mount the disc image. Copy contents to a folder on your disk for editing. Change permissions to Read&Write. Open the VIDEO_TS folder in MyDVDEdit. In the top left, select VMG Menu. In the section below that, you'll see several items marked Pgc 1, Pgc 2, etc. Verify which one is the menu you want to start with, by selecting it, likely Pgc 2 in this case. It will show visually in the top middle. Now, in the top left, select First Play. In the bottom part, for Pre cmds, click the arrow in front of the line Jump VMG Menu Pgc 1. It opens up to show details. Change the Pgc number to 2. Save. Set up Toast to burn from VIDEO_TS folder. Drag-and-drop the edited VIDEO_TS folder to Toast. Burn to disc.

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I am very disappointed with this. The technical support doesn't know anything about it. They asked me to upgrade my software so I spend another £60 just to solve this problem and now I know it's not possible.


Do you know any other blu ray software which can allow me to do this?



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All the commercial DVDs and Blu-ray discs that I have on the shelf, open with a main menu, not with a chapter menu. Your authoring wishes seem like the exception, rather than the rule, when I compare it with what I see around me.


You could cut your movie in several clips (files), so that each section becomes a separate movie. Then you could have the 7 choices on the main menu. You can select to “play all items continuously”, to allow to see them all without making a new selection each time. The transition from one to the next will be noticeable this way, as a slight short disruption.


Alternatives to Toast for Blu-ray authoring are few for Mac owners. I could find about seven, but I haven’t tried any of them, so I don’t know if they would handle this menu issue any better.

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