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Nxt 5 Pro - Burnerstate_Importingmedia Failure 3254845638



Roxio Creator 2010 would not run on my win 7 machine. So I upgraded to Creator NXT5 Pro but am disappointed in the "new" My DVD. And I get a similar "BurnerState_ImportingMedia Failure 3254845638 error. Same failure on two different DVD burners. Any solutions out there?

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Your error is quite different from the "Unknown Error Code 2147500035" thread that you added your message to, so it has been split off to give you your own topic. Please address your problem here on this topic.


Searching the Internet, the only other mention I could find of a BurnerState_ImportingMedia Failure 3254845638 was on the German Pinnacle bulletin board, here. (link) The topic there is a couple of weeks old.


It seems that error involved Pinnacle's MyDVD, which I suspect is genetically very close to the "new" MyDVD in NXT 5, if not the same.

Their board is in German, but I think the problem was caused by the OP (Druker) trying to use MyDVD to write more than one project to a DVD - hence the ImportingMedia Failure.


If that's what's causing your problem, then you'll get it regardless of which burner you're attempting to use. However we have no hope of solving the problem until we know just what you're trying to do, and how you're attempting to do it.


Would you please tell us exactly what you're trying to do, and how you're trying to do it? Please give lots of detail so that you paint the full picture for us.

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