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Pressing Capture Button Lowers Sound Level By 10+ Db



I have two laptops running Creator NXT 4: Dell M6500 workstation ("MERLIN"); HP Envy 17 TS ("AVALON")


On MERLIN (Windows 10 x64 Home) everything is fine recording video and audio from my DVR.


On AVALON (Windows 10 x64 Pro) when I start a video recording the AUDIO output using the speaker button on the Capture control panel drops by 10+ dB.

This lowered sound level is reflected in the captured file (on AVALON and played back on another system).

I did a Hard Reset on AVALON and tried the latest audio drivers via Windows update.

Device Manager shows Roxio (and everything else) as using the Microsoft driver 3/17/2017 10.0.15063.0.


Same issue remains.


Prior to 22-Mar-2017 everything on AVALON was fine - I assume there was some Windows Update since then that maybe the culprit, but MERLIN is running a similar driver (via Microsoft migration / update) but has no problems: 7/15/2016 10.0.14393.0


According to the HP Support site: sp63555.exe which it labels as IDT 6.10.6491.0 audio driver files are the correct ones for my system, but these do not appear to be installable (I made multiple attempts; it runs to completion, I reboot, but nothing seems to change).


AVALON also has Beats Audio if that could at issue.


I don't have a clue how to force AVALON to accept a different AUDIO driver over its apparent reluctance in hanging onto the MS version cited above.

Not even sure it that is the issue.


Attached: Screen shots of SIW utility reports on audio driver files on both systems.






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Update to the long, sad story (above).

I had to roll back both MERLIN (correction: this one is Windows 10 Pro) and AVALON (correction: this one is Windows 10 Home) to Version 1607 (Anniversary).


I found KB 3073930 on MS website to HIDE unruly updates incl CREATORS.

It appears that this will work even under HOME EDITION but that is just speculation on my part at the moment.

It does appear to block 1703 on PRO EDITION, but the update in question actually has to be in the WU queue first..


Keeping Roxio Video Capture open 24x7 appears to make my laptop look "busy" so at least I get the notification that 1703 suddenly appears in the update queue!


Is there any chance that

(a) Roxio will issue FIXED DRIVERS for Video Capture USB for CREATORS? Surely I am not the only person who has encountered this problem.

(B) Can anybody confirm that NXT 5 video capture actually works with CREATORS UPDATE?

© Barring those solution can anybody confirm that a DRIVER rollback works in this situation and instructions for how to do this?


My approach under © would be: Use DriverMax to capture existing working drivers under Windows 1607 (done on MERLIN already, AVALON is next).

Let the CREATORS update happen.

Using DriverMax's "restore drivers" capability revert the Roxio drivers to those that were working under Windows 1607.

I have no idea if this will even fly, or be effective.


Comments? Suggestions?



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You are running the Roxio EVD 3 software or the Capture software within the NXT 4 Suite?


I run Win 10 on my Dell but with Nivida and have not seen anything like that happen.


Can you start the capture while paused then bump the audio back up? (could be trimmed off in the editor)


And of course, have you opened a Support ticket with Roxio?

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I use the capture software within Roxio NXT 4.


Thought I would try here first. Not sure I have ROXIO support - it has been a couple of years. What is it now $60, $70 a shot?

May as well buy NXT 5 I suppose...


I don't quite understand your "pause...bump" comment. Pause where?


When I look at the IDT Audio controls the sound is at 100%.


Funny thing, when I first start-up Capture the sound is almost TOO LOUD, but IDT still only shows 100%.

If I then bring the IDT level down and then back to 100% it is okay (using the blue ROXIO speaker capture button) but still RECORD will kill the level.

Back to normal (ROXIO speaker button) when I stop the capture.


HP site suggested installing the Windows 8.1 audio driver but that is now a NO CAN DO on HP Envy 17 -- maybe because of WIN 10 CREATOR UPDATE.


I may re-image my OS back to before this problem, but it is HOME EDITION so WIN UPDATE will try its damnest to restore the problem eventually!


I'll report back if the IDT Audio driver from 3-16-2017 Windows restore makes any difference. (CREATOR erased WIN UPDATE history too!)



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Re-imaging worked!


IDT Audio drive on Envy 17 is now at 10.0.14393.0 (2017-07-15) -- identical to my Dell M6500 laptop (which never had the low volume problem).


Now to fend off WINDOWS UPDATE!


Thanks for the feedback!


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Not ROXIO, the notorious WINDOWS UPDATE.

On Windows 10 Home Edition, it is not possible to prevent updates.

PRO EDITION can defer biggies like the FEATURE updates for ~4 months, then that too gets draconian.


BTAIM, I believe my DriverMax utility misidentified the newest IDT Audio drivers as also applying to the WINDOWS 10 ANNIVERSARY Edition (and before).

But the CREATOR UPDATE probably would have caused this problem anyway (a few days ago). Still have not heard back from DriverMax support ;-)


Again, it was curious that after the CREATOR UPDATE I could not merely go back to the previous IDT Audio drivers; had to reimage my C: drive back to March 16.


Every year or so I have to relearn this lesson: TEST! TEST! TEST!




Pass this one along if anyone else encounters similar issues.

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i decided to give the Windows Creators Update another shot, since WU is getting ever more belligerent about upgrading.


My two "capture" laptops MERLIN (Dell M6500 workstation) and AVALON (HP Envy 17) were first.


After the upgrade: Still the case that pressing the CAPTURE button (inside of MediaCapture15.exe) immediately lowers the recorded volume by at least 10 dB.

However if you have Control Panel > Sound > Recording > Line (Roxio) > Properties > Levels on the screen and immediately "nudge" the level slider, the recording level is reset to normal! Even if by only a tiny amount (92 > 91), anything at all and the level pops back up to normal!


Can anybody verify that this same situation occurs on their system (Creator NXT 4)?


All of my systems use IDT Audio and standard Microsoft supplied drivers.

So I concluded that re-installing Creator NXT 4 would not fix anything here.


Also does this same effect occur with NXT 5. If not I am first in-line to upgrade.

If still persists can Roxio please issue a patch for this major annoyance (4 & 5)?


Note the same recording level reduction occurs when END CAPTURE is pressed and also merely by visiting the capture OPTIONS menu (not even doing anything!)


Keep the level slider open and be vigilant!



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