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Asian Characters In My Video Titles



I purchased some videos and wanted to burn them onto a DVD. The video format is 'wmv'. When I drag the file to the Toast 14 screen, a message pops up saying this is an Unsupported Format. I coverted the video to Quicktime and was able to burn and watch the video but the title of the video is in Asian characters. I selected all the characters and replaced them with the English title. Now both titles show up on the DVD.


Why do I see Asian characters? How can I have only the English title display?


Thanks for the help!

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Do you mean the title as displayed on the Toast-generated DVD menu?

If so, data for displaying in the menu is retrieved from 3 fields, “Info 1”, “Info 2”, and “Info 3” in the edit clip window. Often just “Info 1”, but sometimes more. If the menu style provides for it, and the number of clips on a page doesn't make it too crowded, then more than the line from “Info 1” may be shown, perhaps “Info 2”, or sometimes even “Info 3” as well. It all depends. Edit all these lines as you see fit; no need to stick with the default.

So if you only changed line 1, then you may still see some of line 2 in some menu. It can happen; not always, but in some circumstances.



(I've had a somewhat similar thing, not with Toast, but with ID3 tags in MP3 files, generated by me with a third party tool, which iTunes interpreted as asian glyphs. I believe that it must have been a mismatch in the character encoding, although I never found the reason or a good fix, so I changed my routine and ditched the third party tool.)

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