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Incorrect File Sizes Reported In Toast With Ts Files?



Lately, I've been muxing my 720p MKV files of TV show episodes into Transport Stream (TS) format (with TSmuxer, so that I won't have to wait hours and hours for Toast to force an encode of the video to a High-Definition DVD.

It used to work like a treat, but I've been noticing lately that on many Toast projects, the "Space Remaining" capacity being reported in Toast is WAY too 'generous' compared to if I put the original MKV files in the pane.

For example, I'm trying to author a High-Def DVD project with three 45-minute 720p TV episodes on it. Encoding is set to "never", average bitrate is set to 4.5 and max. is set to 10.

With the three un-muxed MKV files, the space used is reported as 4.22GB, with 173.6 MB remaining. However, if I put my three muxed .TS files in there instead, the space used drops dramatically to 1.07GB, with 3.32 GB remaining.

The files are all about the same size: The three MKV files are 678mb, 622mb and 1.56gb, while the three TS files are 727mb, 798mb and 1.63gb. If anything, they should consume more space rather than way less, right?

If I try to dump more files into the list to "fill up" the space, I'll get an error message telling me there isn't enough space on the disc. If I leave things the way they are, I can see a huge "unburnt" portion on the recording side of the disc.


Anybody know a fix, or if I'm doing anything wrong? As I said, this used to work great.


I've also tried trashing the preferences file, but that doesn't fix anything.


I like that the TS files don't have to go through Toast encoding, but these wildly differing usage spaces bother me, especially as it doesn't always happen. I seem to notice it more with discs where I'm putting multiple episodes on, though.


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