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Backing Up Large Files



Hi all. First of, I haveEasyCD&DVD Burning

- - - - Roxio Creator DE Version: 9.0.117 Build: 901B17R, DL2 - - - - -


I just wanted to backup a DVD but now notice there is an up to date version.


So, before I purchase that? does this one do what I am going to ask??


I use Steam and download games from them, these are stored in folders.

Some of the files are 70Gb, 12Gb, 40Gb and smaller ETC.

Can I copy these to Blu-ray discs (or across a few Blu-ray discs) so they are backed up.


I usually reformat my computer every year or so to clean it out and start from fresh, but I have to download all the games each time.


Is this possible? and how would I go about it?


Many thanks again.


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Yes or No, it depends...


A single contiguous file that exceeds the space of a disc won't work. I believe your version will off 'disc splitting'. It has a high failure rate and was eventually dropped from the product line!


You mentioned Folders. In that case yes, you can select enough of them to fill a disc then move on to the next disc. I don't know of any program that would do that automatically. It has to be done manually.


Personally, I go with external HDDs. They are faster and hold far, far more. For insurance I use 2 in case one fails during use.

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I agree with Jim. In your case it sounds like you only have a single drive in your system, so I'd add a second hard drive to hold those downloads. Then when you reformat your system, you only reformat the drive with the operating system, not the one with your big downloads. Alternatively, add an external, USB connected drive for those files.

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