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Media Selector My Media Empty


When using Music Disc Creator and selecting Add Audio Tracks the Media Selector opens but under the My Media there is no content under any of the categories like Artist etc., they are all empty. I can go to the Folders tab and access my music files there within Media Selector window.


Previously I had used Creator 2009 which had the Media Manager accessible from within Roxio Central and all of my media files would appear in the Music Disc Creator Media Selector window under My Media.


With NXT 5 I am totally confused.


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I found it under Tools, Browse and Manage Media on Roxio Central finally, then the Media Manager came up. In 2009 it had an icon on Roxio Central easy to find. I'd also searched the Roxio Help for all terms- Media Manager, Media Selector and there is NOTHING there, nor on Roxio website or Corel Knowledge bases. So issue is solved- hope the Media Manager works better than in 2009.

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