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Roxio Label Creator



Roxio Label Creator (NXT Pro 4) has an issue that was described exactly in this thread (http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/35613-roxio-label-creator-emc-10-question-and-answer/?do=findComment&comment=531956) even though it was written for an earlier version. I'm glad that this thread was around to help me printing labels *today* and get around it since the solution worked as described. Unfortunately, someone didn't like the fact that I replied to that thread describing a further problem even with the solution and locked the thread. The reason is because the original problem was for an old product. I'd like to remind him any anyone else who is listening that just because an issue has been reported in an old version, it does not mean it isn't relevant in even the latest version and can be helpful. It certainly was to me. I'm reposting this here because it still exists on Windows 10 Pro with NXT Pro 4..


The problem is when printing labels using label paper that has two labels, only the first one is used even if the count is adjusted. For example, if I adjust the count from 1 to 2, it says 1 sheet is used. But it only prints 1 label on the sheet. If I adjust the count to 3 or 4, it says two sheets are used but only 1 label is printed per sheet. Someone kindly suggested in that "old thread" that I click on the bottom label in the preview and that does work - however, it only works for 1 sheet. This is the response I added to the old thread:


"The problem is that when you click on the lower label, the count goes to 2. If you wanted to print 2 sheets of 2/sheet, then incrementing the count to 4 after clicking on the bottom image looks like it will work but will print one sheet at 1/sheet and one sheet at 2/sheet. If you have 3 sheets, all but the last sheet is printed at 1/sheet. The only way I could get this to work is print 1 sheet at a time. This is really awful!!!"


This exists today printing on commercial paper (Avery labels) on Roxio Creator NXT Pro 4. It would be nice if a more meaningful response was given instead of locking the thread.



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As the Moderator who responded under my name to your earlier post in the EMC 10 forum, I'd like to remind you that you should post about a problem in the forum provided for the software you are using. This is a common sense rule, even if you didn't follow it.


Now that you have described the problem twice in your post in the proper place we can have your "me too" post deleted from the EMC 10 forum.


Your post describes a problem that others were also experiencing, and your opinion that it is "really awful."

I am a fellow user and not a Roxio employee. What "more meaningful response" were you seeking from me?



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