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Photosuite 2 Compat


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I have used Photosuite 2 by MGI for many years now on my XP machine. I use it for making decals for model trains.

I use the projects section a lot for wording and shifting names/numbers/pictures. I also like the photo editing section too.

I have a lot of these projects saved as .PZP files which is the projects version save files as it is easy to manipulate anything in place..


What other programs out there will read these types of files correctly?

Any other versions at all of Photosuite?


I now have a second computer running Windows 10 home 64 bit and would like to move across to that one.

I can also do a Windows 7 if required.


After 20 years I don't want to just abandon all the work I have done.



Western Australia.

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Hi John.

One of the other regulars here suggested that you attach a sample PZP file from your version so we can try it in the newer versions.

Just follow the instructions HERE while not a picture it still works the same way.


Two problems you may encounter with the attachment.


1. It will balk at the extension (PZP). If it does, change it to .txt and it will work.

2. The file is too large, 128MB. Just make a small sample but use any transitions or effects that will be in your old files.

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