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How Do I Get The Words Chapter And Play Off My Entire Production?



I made a slideshow with about 500 pictures and the words "Chapter" and "play" show on every picture. I evidently hit the wrong button somewhere because I have made hundreds of these with no problem. Please help. I am making a 50 yr reunion video for a classmate who has cancer and is dying and I need to get it to him ASAP. He could not attend the reunion. Thanks for any input. The words do not show when I preview the production.


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But WHICH program in the Suite are you making this in???


I suspect it is MyDVD and those are Menu Buttons.


You may have added the slideshow to the background of the Menu. If that happened, it will only play for 20 seconds and then repeat.


IF you have the slideshow saved by itself, just start a New MyDVD Project and add the slideshow. Might even consider making it a No Menu MyDVD Project so it starts playing after you insert the disc???


Let us know how you make out.


Best wishes to your friend.

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VideoWave makes Movie Clips. By itself, it has NO ability to burn anything.


MyDVD and Copy and Convert Video are the programs that do the Authoring/Burning. You add the clip(s) to them and can burn with or without a Menu.


In the case of MyDVD, you have to make that selection before you start your project. In Copy and Convert, no menus is the default and only at the end can you select the Menu option.


Both of these authoring programs allow you to save a project. That way you can burn a test disc and if you like it go back, reload your project and burn multiple copies -_-

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