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Creator Nxt 5 Missing Features?

Matt Caz


I'm a Roxio Toast user and perhaps I'm expecting too much but I did some research and from what I could find, there should be a way to add motion menu's to a blu ray/dvd menu but I can't find it anywhere. Also I have been looking for the following features that I thought would be standard based on them being in Toast Titanium for Mac since windows programs always have more features than PC software company versions of software for the mac.


1- Encoding -> NEVER.. in Toast I can turn of encoding so that my m2ts files don't re-encode and waste time


2- Add menu's in Advanced mode. Am I crazy or is MYDVD the only place you can have a menu? I've looked all over and can't find where to add them. In Toast You can just drag them into the media area and they get added to the menu.. truth be told though.. you can't edit any of the text or placement "on the menu".


All I'm trying to do is add m2ts files to a blu ray with a motion menu to play when the disk is inserted in a blu ray player.


Did I waste my money on this? Is there something out there that will do what I want?


I sincerely appreciate the time and assistance that anyone may provide.



matt caswell



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I've been a Roxio customer going way back to EMC 7, 9, 2010. Was about to purchase an upgrade to NXT 5 Pro. Glad I checked the forums first. I would have been disappointed.


Is 'NXT 3' is the last 'good' version that includes full versions before Corel hacked them apart? If not, any suggestions as to which version i should get?

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Thank you for your reply.


I'm running Windows 7 64bit. Is the flakiness of NXT 3 limited to Win10? Or, is it also flakey on Win 7?

NXT 3 Pro is currently $34! Whereas 2012 pro is almost the same $ as NXT 5 Pro!!!


I have 2010 Pro - currently not installed. I could just use that again. But, I'm sure there are advantages to going to 2012 or NXT 3? (I know, a loaded question)

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Not what it used to be starting in the NXT 4 version -_-


Most of us continue to use the NXT 3 or even the Creator 2012 versions which seem to run in Win 10 ok.


We think Corel crippled it hoping you would buy their product out of frustration.


Personal Opinion: People want to see Content, not pretty menus, Don't waste a lot of time creating what will be passed over and forgotten ;)

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Hi Matt,


Creator NXT 5 is a broken shell of what was one of the best video editor/disc creator programs going. If you bought it directly from Roxio, return it within 30 days. If you bought it at a big box store, try to return it indication that it doesn't do what it was supposed to. You may get lucky.


Look at the "Copy and Convert" part of the program. It will allow you to set the format for blu ray but does not offer a menu. Or you can select DVD and get a menu but not the format. I could not find any combination of settings that give you what you are asking for.


Perhaps someone else has a better idea. Sorry.

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