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Slideshow Dvd Burning Erratic And Incomplete



I'm running Windows10. Roxio Easy CD & DVD burning software correctly constructed and saved my holiday slide show (plus music).

However, every time I burn a disc some slides are missing, others display properly, the time per slide is random and the slides are not in the correct order. These errors show both on my pc and the TV (separate systems). The blank disk I'm using is a Sony DVD-RW Ver.1.1/2x.


Can anybody help please?

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Thanks for the replies. I've tried using a Memorex DVD + R. Same problem as before but different slides missing!

The slide show I want to complete has 160 photos and lasts about 12 minutes. However, I'm trying different settings with only 6 photos as a trial - still doesn't work properly. All photos from digital Panasonic Lumix camera, which worked perfectly with Windows Media Player in Windows 7.


It seems to me (I'm a novice user) that the problem must relate to the burn specification (assuming the disk is okay).


Any further advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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At this point, I think the issue is the resolution (size) of the images. In the past, large photos would give the same results that you are seeing. I'm not going to guess what the cut off is.


Since you will be making a standard definition DVD, you do not need nor want large, high definition images. Make copies of your pictures and then edit them to a lower resolution. They can be as low as 720 by 480.


Please note that I am relying on my memory because I do not have program loaded. Do you have the option to burn your project to an image file (ISO). That might also help since it takes the change in resolution/prepare the slide show from the actual burning of the disc.

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I think Steve is right on this.


An alternative would be to preprocess the pictures before trying to use them.


In your version under the Photo tab is an application called Enhance Multiple Photos.


Add your photos, click the 2nd tab and choose Resize. Set them to 720 X 480 and go.


You will have choice at the end to Overwrite - Save as Copies - Skip it.


I would start with a small sampling, copy them into a new folder and allow Enhance to overwrite these copies.


One of these 2 suggestions should get you where you are going. ;)

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Gents, thanks for your time on this issue. Unfortunately I'm getting nowhere. I've resolved the hardware issue & have changed the resolution of the photos as you suggest. Again, this made no difference to the problem. I would be grateful for any other suggestions, before I give up on Roxio. Thanks

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Describe a project in detail


- Which program you use, within the Suite (guessing Slideshow assistant)


- number of photos, size, duration, transitions

- time of music added

- how do you end, disc or file

This way we can try to replicate your results or maybe see something in there that shouldn't be ;)

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