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Toast 16 Titanium For Mac Fails To Install



I just purchased Toast 16 from the web. Attempting to install I got a failure message to install. I started down the rabbit hole to resolve the problem with support, the 1st suggestion was to create a new admin account, tried and failed. started in safe mode, failed again. All fire walls and protection have been disabled, failed again. I'm running system 10.12.6 (16G29) on a Mac mini (Late 2014). Any suggestions?



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Perhaps the logs provide clues to why it failed on your machine?


If I’m not mistaken, such installers (.pkg) as used here, create so-called ‘receipts’, which get stored in /private/var/db/receipts/ (*). Because each receipt has two files (.bom and .plist), and Toast has many components, this may be 20+ small files (for a successful install), but they all should have similar timestamp. I don’t know what gets logged in there (not fully readable), but I presume it would be useful for troubleshooting. Copy those files to a different folder.


Additionally, macOS keeps a log file for everything that gets installed via an installer, located in /var/log/install.log . This one is readable; just a big text file. You don’t need to send all that: A .log file opens in Console.app by default, and that window shows the last entries. Each line starts with a timestamp. Scroll back to the beginning of this install (200 lines maybe?). Copy and paste in a new text document for sending.


A developer may know how to read all that. If needed, perhaps your support person can forward the files to a higher echelon.


(*) To access the hidden folder, memorise / copy the text /private/var/db/receipts/ to the clipboard; in Finder menu Go, Go to Folder…, then type / paste in the dialog box and hit Enter. (Sort by Date Modified to easily find the receipts for a given time.)

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