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Game Display Out Of Range



here's a 45 second clip of the issue


i have an original xbox video cable (yellow plug) into the Y video input on the roxio gamecap hd pro (i know it's black and white, that's okay)

the hdmi cable goes to a computer monitor, where it works fine as long as nothing is being captured.

if i wait long enough the monitor flickers the message "out of range"

that's usually cause by resolution issues (i think?). but i cant change the resolution when there's no signal. And the original xbox doesn't have a built in resolution setting.

if someone could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.

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thanks for the reply


the original xbox doesn't have hdmi output unfortunately. i bought a converter(Gana mini HDMI2AV upscaler) but it's the wrong direction lol. Is this really the issue?

My friend successfully streamed a game in black and white with the same capture card before they bought a converter.

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i guess i thought the capture card would somehow convert the signal for me

i assume my monitor will only accept the types of signals that can plug into it, and even though i plugged an hdmi cable into it, it's still sending a composite signal


So i should buy a tv or buy the AV2HDMI upscaler or this isn't going to work


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You have to send either HDMI or Composite (PR, PB & Y) to your capture device.


From there, it sounds as though your Monitor accepts HDMI and probably Component.


So the solution is that you need to convert Composite to something else!


One possibility is to see if you have a Player (DVD or BD) that will accept Component and output as HDMI or Composite. They are pretty rare these days as almost nothing will accept Composite. Otherwise I seem them on Amazon from $14 up.


Hope you can return the one you have -_-


Let us know how this turns out.

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