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Ripping Hair Out! Blu Ray Not 1920X1080 On Dvd?



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What video player is that we’re looking at? Is that the Toast Edit window for a selected clip? If so, that may explain everything: The black on the sides in that window are filler for that window only, and not part of the video. If you would resize that window vertically, you see the video frame resize to match the available width, and extra black filler on the top and bottom. [Watch it happen.] Again, not part of the video, not in the output.

If you measure, you’ll notice that your image has a letterboxed 16:9 picture, with extra black added to the sides. That extra is outside the 16:9 field.


If you feel unsure, let Toast encode and save as disc image file (instead of burning to disc), then mount it and see the My_Movie/BDMV/STREAM/00001.m2ts file. You then can examine the output without wasting a disc.

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Well, that was a bit misleading, eh? Can you post a screenshot of the actual disc playing, in VLC, or Roxio Video Player?

Does your source file have any black padding in it, either top and bottom, or on the sides, or all around? Toast won’t crop that out automatically.

On the other hand, Toast will add black padding to the video to make it 16:9, if you’re making a 16:9 project but your source isn’t 16:9.

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