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Operations' Problems With Tt 16

Philip Rand


Having operated happily with Toast Titanium through 11, 12, 14 I am having a lot of trouble with 16. For the moment. I experimented with burning two files from my movies folder that I had transcribed in the past: one m4V and the other 4mpeg. File 1 played, file 2 got me an error message regarding an incompatible format. I had already succeeded in getting the 2 files into iPAD Pro. What has happened to toasting?1

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I would like to ask for more details:

Is this a video disc project? I.e. are you making a DVD-Video disc or a BD Video disc?

Not sure what transcribing (putting into written form) has to do with it?

“4mpeg”, is that .mp4 or something else?

Can you try file 2 with the older Toast 14 (if you still have that, too)? If that fails as well, then perhaps the error is unrelated to Toast 16, but only related to the source file.

Exactly what is giving the error message of “incompatible format”? Is Toast saying that (input) or is a set top player saying that (output)?

Can you confirm the format details in video and audio that are used in file 2? Video codec, resolution, frame rate; Audio codec, channels, sampling rate. A report from MediaInfo or VideoSpec would be ideal.

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