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Nothing Works On My Macbook Pro,


Hello everyone; Just got a copy of Roxio Toast 15 Titanium, follow install instructions, pass code the works, yet have not been able to simply burn a single DVD, been the main reason I got this software in the first place!


Please, I'll really appreciate any help. Thanks

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What do you mean *nothing* works?

Do you get any errors? If so, what is the exact error message?

Does Toast launch as you would expect from an application?

Do you get the Assistant window, with the big project buttons? Can you select a project? Can you click the Finish button in the Assistant window?

Do you get the regular main window? Can you drag-and-drop files in there? Can you customise options?

Can you start the procedure of burning a disc? Alternatively, can you save a complete project as Disc Image file?


Do you want to make a DVD-Video disc, to be played on a set top DVD player? Or, do you want to make a Data disc archive version of files on DVD media?

If you are trying a DVD-Video disc, then what are the details of your source file?

If you click the Edit button in the listing for a clip, can it play the clip in the new window?


What model MacBook Pro (see About This Mac in the Apple menu; processor; season/year) ? What version macOS? Internal drive or external? What brand? If external, how is it connected?

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