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Personal Update Re: Harvey And Houston


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I'm 20 miles south of Houston and 25 miles north of Galveston.

Surface water came within 6 feet of my 2 story townhouse (the land is relatively flat) but I did get some seepage up through the foundation.

I'm afraid that the neighbors in the other end of the subdivision were not as lucky. They live near Clear Creek that is at 23 FEET high.. The top of bank is 12 feet. So it is 11 FEET above flood level. The official gages at that location indicates 7 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. My "toy" rain gages agree with the 7 inches. Just FYI - I show 32 inches of rain in the last week.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked down to the end of my common driveway. The water was shin deep. I didn't go further because the land drops off several feet toward the Creek.

I do have an emergency backpack with water, food and my important papers just in case. There have been 3 power outages in the last 3 days but it is currently on. I have plenty of food in my refrigerator and shelving so I'm all set. My son's family is also OK. He just wants to go back to work. The technical expert from the Indian based company he works for is in town and can't get out. My son is his host. The granddaughter's schools are closed for another week.

Keep the people in Houston and Texas in your minds and hearts.

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Parts of Houston are getting back to almost normal. Grocery stores are open and stocked. The amount of flood damage furniture/ appliances, rugs, wood, and construction materials line the streets. It will be a long time before recovery is mostly complete.


I got power back after 4 days without. The power distribution company replaced 6 ground level transformers in my housing development. They were going to another area where 16 transformers had been flood damaged.


3000 of the 9000 homes in Friendswood had flood damage. Power was out for 10,000 customers.. .There is some teenage looting going on but the police/courts is supposed to be tough on them. There are several locations where one can get free hot means. One small church near me is expecting to serve 10,000 meals twice a day. There are several other places where food is available.


If anyone read this and was affected by the flood, my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

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