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Converting .gi Files





Uber new here so any help is appreciated :) I have a few old .gi files that were imported to the computer from old family DVDs. Can't locate the original DVDs anymore. The file names for a sample DVD looks something like this:



Image_101231_0508 (3_0)

Image_101231_0508 (3_1)


Is there a way I could convert them to a recognizable video file like MP4 using Creator 5? Tried using the the "Copy and Convert" feature but won't recognize .gi files.





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According to several other sites: –

Could be old “Sonic RecordNow” (<2012) disk image files. Seems to be geared towards audio files (music), though. Not sure if modern Roxio RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier still recognises that format?

Could be old “Prassi PrimoDVD” (<2007) files. Try IsoBuster to open the files.

Could be old “Sony CD Extreme” Global Image File (<2003), known to have 3 files that form one disc. Bundled with CD writers at the time. Sort of a Prassi PrimoDVD clone.

Could be old “Audio Utility Tuningwrench” (<2003) file, but that seems unlikely for a family DVD content to archive.


It could easily that the files are orphaned now, with no current software to open them anymore. Do try, but don’t get your hopes up.

Do the files match the size that you could expect from a disk image file?

Could “101231” in “Image_101231_0508” be a date notation for December 31, 2010?


If two of the three files are small, then they probably contain meta data. Try opening the small ones in a text editor or hex editor. That might reveal additional clues.

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If I remember correctly from way back, those three files are a set and the first one (without the parentheses) is the major file. You select that one, and it drags its children along with it. What program were your .GI files made with, Haesm?


Creator NXT 5 should be able to handle your .GI files properly unless they're in a non-standard format. My "Burn Disc Image" and Video Copy & Convert were both happy with the DVD .GI file I have, allowing me to burn it to DVD or convert it to a video file.











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Glad you got a work-around. :)


Before you go if you don't mind, can you tell me which program your .GIs were made with?

That way I can go poke a stick at some and perhaps find out why your media selector didn't like them.




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