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Spits Out The Dvd



Windows 10 Pro, AMD FX-8350 Eight core processor, 16 Gig memory, 64 bit OS

Rosio Easy CD and DVD Burning. Version; Build 140B49ED, ECD; 701B41A, ECD

LG DVD drive, Slim Portable Blue-ray

I have used the configuration at least 10 times to copy DVDs.


I copied a dual density dvd and that went well. Inserted another DVD to copy. Roxio ejected the disk and posted a dialog indicating to insert a disk. I did so and it repeated. I put the disk in my TV DVD player and it plays just fine. Roxie does not give any indicator as to why it will not read the disk.

I repeated the action with three more disks to the same effect.


How can a user discover the reason the Roxio does not like the disk?


To Roxio:

Do not spit a disk out with no justification! Tell the user why you do not like it! Tell me what I should do different!


Then on the fourth disk it crashed. When through all the motions of an application crash including Windows looking for a reason. Nothing. And it would not close. Had to start task manager and kill it.



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Hello bkelly,


I'm afraid there's little point addressing Roxio here, since there's only us users here helping each other. :(

You can send them feedback with the button in the program, though.


Speaking of buttons, one of the tools buttons should tell you how your DVDs are being seen by your system.

Please have a look at Get Disc Information in the Tools menu.




When you have a disc come ready in your drive and click this button, you should see a display like this one with all sorts of interesting information.




It's likely that the difference between your disc and a rejected disc will tell the story, or at least give us a good hint as to why the disc was rejected. Would you please post screenshots of a 'good' and a 'bad' disc so we can develop an idea about what's causing the problem?




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Thank you for taking the time to reply.


I tried the reboot to no effect. Then I cleaned the disk with dish washing detergent and it was successful.


I continue to hold that Roxio should state much more than just put in a disk. It should state that is is expected a disk to read, one to write, could not read the disk information tracks, it expects a disk of type X (CD, DVD, double density DVD, etc).

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