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Software(?) Issues





JVC Everio GZ-2000BU - A/V out (using original cable.)


Acer Aspire R 15 running Windows 10.


Device is currently plugged into the single USB 2.0 port my laptop provides. The other 2 are USB 3.0, I did test them to eliminate any possibilities.


When testing, camera is turned on and recording.


Here are the issues.


1. No signal.


2. Audio feedback (buzzing) coming from the laptop. It stops when I unplug red (also, I've triple checked wiring - red in red, white in white, yellow in yellow) Should be noted that after unplugging red, a blue screen will appear for a few seconds, program then returns to "no signal status."


3. When the device is plugged in, I get a notification saying (webcam) camera is on, then flickers between on/off until device is unplugged. I've tried disabling the webcam as well as uninstalling the drivers.


4. Roxio Video Capture USB appears in device management under Audio Input and Output, but not under Universal Serial Bus Controllers (screenshot provided for clarification.) I downloaded and installed the drivers off the Roxio website without change.


Should also be noted that the first go around, I plugged in the Easy VHS without first installing software. Deleted drivers, rebooted, then reinstalled properly.


I take pride in figuring out my own issues through thorough research and patience, but it appears I have finally met my match. Any and all help is much appreciated.


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I don't have a tv lol. My monitors only have vga and hdmi. When I plug my camera in via one of those two methods (obviously using a different cable) it works fine, however.


Oh yes, I did apply the update. Forgot to mention that.


Will probably just go with an hdmi recorder like the Atmos ninja 2. While it is more expensive it seems to fit my needs more.


I applaud Roxio...I've never been bested by any form of technology before. My hat is off..

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